Fear of Flying overcome: “I cannot wait to fly again”

Hi Francois.

Thought I’d give you a bit of feedback further to my text on Monday.

As mentioned, totally enjoyed the flights.

On the outbound flight, when about to board the aircraft engineers arrived and started looking at the right hand engine and removing the covers from it. Boarding of the plane then stopped as a fault had been identified with the engine. We then sat around waiting for 3 hours whilst the engine was repaired. Normally this would have made me nervous and worried. The captain explained that a fault had been found with a fuel filter and that before flight it was a legal requirement to change it. Oddly, this fault seemed to add to my confidence. I thought that if the pilot can identify a fault as simple as a fuel filter and was required to change it before flight, he was obviously checking everything in great detail and identifying the smallest of problems with the aircraft.

What kept going through my head was something along the lines of “the pilot is very professional, loves life, would not take any risks and won’t fly unless he is totally happy with the aircraft.” I also kept thinking “everything is happening as it should be, all is going to plan.” I think these were things you mentioned during the relaxation session.

I enjoyed the take off and more than anything had a sense of amazement that the jet engines could power the 757 along so easily and that it actually leaves the ground so quickly. Loved looking at the view all the way there, sat back realising that if I wanted to enjoy the view I could, as that’s all I had to do as it was down to the pilot to worry about whether everything was operating as it should do.

I cannot wait to fly again, I think it may benefit me to fly again soon to reaffirm by confidence.

Thanks for your help on this occasion!!