I attended an EFT session to try and deal with something personal that was affecting me. I didn’t know what to expect but Francois was extremely professional and very reassuring. He explained everything beforehand so that I felt very relaxed and comfortable and gave me the materials to enable me to use the technique myself after the session had ended. I have found Francois a very warm and approachable person. You trust implicitly that the confidentiality will not be breached.

After the session, I felt considerably more relaxed.(Similar to that deep relaxed state after massage or acupuncture perhaps is the only way I can explain it)

I was quite surprised by the physical effect that it had as well as the positive emotional one. You are literally just talking yourself into banishing negative thoughts and getting into a more positive and productive mind set and it works.

I have to say for about an hour afterwards I felt relaxed to the point where I wanted to sleep, but after this I felt so much more energised, positive and able to cope with issues I’d really struggled with before.

I am quite a cynic, but I was extremely impressed. I have since used it to banish nerves before a huge national dance competition at Blackpool (which I won). My fear of dogs, I can now sit in the same room as a dog without feeling nervous. I have also used it after an injury through dancing when I couldn’t sleep with the pain, and it even worked on that. I don’t know how it works but it does and I’m a complete ‘believe it when I see it’ kind of person.

Laura Kendrick

Pure Analysis success: Testimonial from Chris M.

“I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy before I had the confidence to call you and organise a consultation session with you. When I arrived with you for the first time you were very assuring that you could assist with my issues I was suffering with. Once I explained to you what my issues were you explained to me in detail what the next stages would consist of, you were very welcoming kind & understanding. I could not have asked for any more of you considering it was the 1st time I met you. I left the consultation in a very positive mood as I knew from that point that with some work from myself I could get over my issues. The first session I had with you was very good, you sat me down and again explained in detail what we were going to cover during that session. The first session I had was amazing; as the sessions progressed I could see an improvement in myself which was really amazing. I become a great believer in what you were doing and every step of the way was explained in great detail. I always knew what you were doing and what you were trying to get me to achieve. I quickly saw you as one of my best friends I felt that I could tell you anything I wanted and I wouldn’t be judged on what I was saying to you. As you could see me improving and resolving the issues you gave me praise and made me feel proud of myself again. I really could not have asked for a better person to help me than you. I am so grateful for what you have helped me to achieve you have helped me to turn my life around. I really cannot say how grateful I am words can’t explain. As you were aware I have been scared of dogs for 25 years that is just one issue you helped me to get over. I never thought I would ever get over my fear of dogs and by the power of hypnotherapy that issue is now resolved. That is an amazing feat for me.

Again Francois I am forever grateful for your understanding, your care and consideration, all the help and support you provided. You are a fantastic person and anyone that comes to see you will reap the benefits of all your knowledge and all the qualities you possess. I will most certainly recommend you to anyone!!! “

Chris M

IBS cleared with Pure Analysis

“I have been suffering with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for over fifteen years. It has not always been there but seemed to be triggered during stressful times, usually work, or more lately the death of my mother. My symptoms were mainly feeling very bloated, a feeling of “squeezing “of my insides often accompanied by pain in my lower left abdomen. During these times I usually experienced various degrees of constipation. Over the years my GP has prescribed many different treatments mainly a variety of antispasmodic drugs for the pain. My GP also suggested changes to my diet, increasing my fibre intake and drinking more water. Nothing really worked and my IBS would just come and go.

The last period of IBS was triggered by the death of my mother, obviously a very emotional time. This period of IBS lasted for five months and was very bad. It was really getting me down so I decided I finally had to do something about it. I remembered that a GP many years ago had mentioned that there was a good success rate for curing IBS by hypnotherapy so I searched the internet for a hypnotherapist in my area. The first name that came up was Francois Rouffet at the Friarswood Hypnotherapy Clinic. On his website he said he could treat people with IBS so I made an appointment to see him.
The first time I saw him was a free consultation just for us to talk about my problem, I did say I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy but was desperate to try anything to cure my IBS. He said he thought he would be able to help me with a course of what he called “pure analysis sessions”, normally consisting of 8 to 12 sessions, and arranged my first session for a few days later.

My first session was what he called a fishing session, after which I felt incredibly relaxed and even felt a slight improvement in my IBS. The week after my second session my IBS felt remarkably better and by the end of the fourth session the IBS had almost totally gone. 95% of the time I was not aware of anything wrong and only a few occasional slight feelings of bloating remained.

After my fifth session Francois discharged me saying my IBS would be gone and never to return. I am writing this a few days after my fifth session and my IBS has totally gone. Absolutely fantastic after suffering it continually for the last five months and on and off for over fifteen years.

All I can say is that despite being initially sceptical about hypnotherapy, I found the whole experience to be very good, not only has my IBS now gone I feel extremely relaxed and uplifted.

I cannot thank Francois and his “pure analysis” hypnotherapy technique enough for finally resolving my IBS problem, now I can get on with my IBS free life.”


“My life is now completely different”: Benefits from Pure Analysis and EFT.

“Before going to see Francois, I was an extremely shy and anxious person and was becoming more timid and depressed as time passed by. I found using the phone an extremely daunting task and most more than not an impossible one. I was becoming isolated and even talking to friends was becoming more difficult. I also have a fear of spiders since a small child. I applied to university to become a teacher and was given an interview. It was then that I realised without some form of help I was never going to be able to get through the interview, never mind be able to teach. My relationships, especially with my partner and son were become strained due to my high anxiety and depression levels and I could not let this happen.

I looked on the internet and found Francois ’s website and after reading the testimonials decided to send an email.

During the first few sessions I was sceptical that it was not going to work, but I needed to believe in it in order to make daily life enjoyable rather than a constant feeling of anxiety and depression.

Through Francois ’s help, I was able to let go of issues from my childhood, which were holding me back, and soon others began to notice that I was more assertive, happy and confident. I went to my interview and surprised myself on the day by being excited instead of nervous and was offered a place on the course. I also managed to move a small spider, which was in my way whilst at work, with only a small amount of anxiety which Francois had taught me to control. I felt very proud of myself and realised the extensive effect the treatment had had upon my life, without me realising how far I had come. Although I still become anxious and shy sometimes, He has taught me the ways in which to control these feelings, instead of letting them control me. My life is now completely different, I don’t have to think about walking down the street, or answering the phone any more and can even make phone calls. Even tasks which make me feel nervous are not impossible and I have the ability to take a leap of faith and attempt the task without fear of failure. Thank you Francois for supporting me in a friendly, professional manner which helped me to feel at ease and be able to talk about issues which I have never been able to disclose to others.”

Naomi S