Here is a recent testimonial from a couple who have seen me for just two sessions- It is a joy for me to see couples living stronger, more loving relationships as a result of some of my support and help. Well done to this couple who took the initiative to approach me and have applied my advice.


” Thank you Francois for your help and advice recently. My wife and I decided to come to you when we realised that our marriage had become focused on the parenting our children and managing of a busy household. With your help we have remembered why we fell In love in the first place, begun to truly appreciate one another again and now realise how important it is to actively nurture our marriage. We feel closer and more connected as a couple than we have in years, and the whole family is benefiting ” (No names provided by request of the couple to preserve full confidentiality)

Two sessions for couples substantially enhance their relationship

Morning Francois,

Without your help earlier this year I don’t know how I would have coped. The calming techniques you taught me have helped me to face the life threatening treatment I needed. The first time I saw you I was facing 12 months to live unless I could cope with some what was to me awful treatment ( the thought of being clamped into a chair to receive proton beam therapy into my eye) was terrifying me (I suffer with severe claustrophobia). Not only this February my very dear uncle passed away suddenly, March my mother in law was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, April my daughter had a miscarriage and I went through this terrifying treatment (but managed it due to your help) May I returned to hosp for a biopsy, my mother in law received her first dose of Chemo and reacted badly which left her fighting for her life. July I received the devastating news I was high risk from the biopsy which means only a 50% chance of surviving the next 5 years and scans every 6 months for the rest of my life. August my father in law was diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus 5 weeks later on September 15th he passed away in terrible pain. October I returned to hosp for a check up and found fluid has collected under my retina causing vision problems I now have injections in my eye every month. On a more positive point my hubby bought me a puppy called Ted (after my father in law) he is adorable. I am sure with the techniques you taught me which was the best money I ever spent and Ted the puppy I will cope with whatever life throws at me now. Thank You so much for your help. Good Luck for the future and if anyone out there is thinking you may be able to help them I would say BOOK THE APPOINTMENT NOW and start living the rest of your life. Dawn. 26/10/2016

Claustrophobia overcome to access vital medical treatment and long term coping skills gained.

Analysis success – June 2016

It’s hard to put into words the profound effect that Francois has had upon my life.

He saw in me conflicts and problems that were the route cause of the symptoms; things that I couldn’t see for myself.

Francois challenged my preconceptions and helped me to bring my inner thoughts and feelings into balance, allowing me to see things clearly for the first time in years and giving me the opportunity to improve the areas in life where I had faltered and which ultimately matter most.

The results were profound. They affected both me and those around me in a hugely positive way.

I will forever be in his debt.




Analysis success

Suggestion Therapy

“I passed my Advanced Driving Test with no nerves, thanks to one session with Francois”

“I would like to recommend and say many thanks for the therapies offered by Mr François Rouffet. I came to see François as I had failed my first Advanced Driving Test due to feeling under pressure. Thanks to one session of specialised suggestion therapy on pre-driving test nerves, I was able to pass my Advanced Driving Test without any nervousness whatsoever. I believe this to be from the treatment at the Friarswood Hypnotherapy Clinic. I am normally of strong stature and confident which is due to the industry that I am in.

Many thanks, François, for the superb treatment and your professional manner.

Paul Sargent cpf
Staffs Security Solutions
t. 08454 733 251

Suggestion Therapy