EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

A powerful tool towards healing

EFT may not be as well known as Hypnotherapy, but it is gaining worldwide favour due to its very high success rate in treating all types of emotional conditions, children’s issues, sports and performance issues, fears and phobias, pain management, panic and anxiety, and even serious illnesses. It is also an excellent personal development tool as it can shatter personal blocks to success quickly and effectively. The beauty of EFT is in its simplicity. I have taught children the technique with very good results. EFT is painless, drugless, efficient and effective.

As I am an Advanced EFT Therapist as well as a Hypnotherapist, I am able to teach you this marvellous technique. I will teach you how to use one of your own hands to gently tap with two fingers on a few easily accessible acupressure points mainly around your face, chest and hands, while focussing on a particular issue/thought/emotion. From the first session, we will be able to start exploring and shattering emotional blocks or issues you wish to clear.  A life long issue may be cleared at the end of the first session. This is not an unusual occurrence with EFT.

I recommend you view the following  videos on EFT, by clicking on the following link:



EFT has been covered by the media in the UK:


If EFT appeals to you, please ask me about EFT at your free Initial Consultation and we shall be able to discuss whether EFT is suitable in your particular case.